Tyler Saracino

Chef De Cuisine, Americano Nashville

Tyler Saracino got his start in the restaurant industry as many do, working as a prep cook in a Florida sports bar. While cutting vegetables and breading chicken tenders for 8 hours a day wasn’t exactly glamourous, Tyler did learn valuable knife skills and general kitchen knowledge that sparked his interest in becoming a chef.

He found his love for cooking and food in its simplicity and its ability to bring health, define cultures, and teach us appreciation for the world around us. Foregoing cooking school, he learned his way around the kitchen through valuable hands on experience. Working under talented and patient chefs like Phillip Shyatt, Deb Paquette and Zachary Wilkinson he honed his skills and learned technique, etiquette, creativity, and a strong work ethic from his mentors.
After trying his hand at just about every station from prep and sauté to lead line cook, and more at various Nashville staples like Bound’ry and Etch, Tyler then helped open Etc. and Giovanni’s West.

Now, as Chef De Cuisine at Americano, the potential to learn something new in the kitchen every day perpetuates his fascination with the vastness of the cooking world and keeps his passion for food going.