2017 Talent

Trevor Moran

Executive Chef, The Catbird Seat

Trevor Moran made his U.S. culinary debut in January 2014 as the executive chef of Nashville’s award-winning tasting room, The Catbird Seat. Bringing with him an affinity for fresh, seasonal produce and a simplistic, yet highly refined cooking style, Moran and his talented team of chefs have transformed the intimate dining experience with a multi-course menu that celebrates the elements.

Born and raised in Ireland, Moran’s culinary path began in his early 20’s. After working his way through several restaurants throughout Dublin, the young chef landed at Rene Redzepi’s acclaimed Noma restaurant in Copenhagen. Moran began his Noma journey in 2009 and spent nearly four and a half years learning the ins-and-outs of the Nordic kitchen, sourcing local, seasonal products that showcased different regions of Scandinavia.