Sean Porter

Chef & Founder, Daddy Dogs

Our fearless leader through the night, and the inspiration behind Daddy’s Dogs, Sean Porter, is more commonly known around the world as Big Daddy. Acquiring his name in his many years on the road, touring with bands such as Cage the Elephant, Mat Kearney, Elle King, and Kris Allen, among many others, he has never failed to live up to his fun-loving reputation. Then, combining his love for cooking and unstoppable ability to have a good time, Daddy’s Dogs was birthed.

It started a humble cart, but quickly grew to the hotdog empire it is today. Elevating the American classic with fresh locally baked buns, and unique flavor combinations, Music City quickly embraced our gourmet street meat and we have become THE staple late night food in the city. Wherever you are in town, you can find a Daddy’s Dog close by.

Look for Big Daddy on the street: When he’s not slinging hot dogs or traveling the world, you will find Sean on his trusty scooter. He is a patched-in member of the Seattle-based scooter club, Soldiers of Destiny, and is always planning his next scoot across the America.

And though his passions seem random, there are a few constants: quality and personality. Everything Sean does will be awesome, and he will have a damn good time doing it. So your Daddy’s Dog will not only be the best hot dog you’ve ever had, but you might enjoy the company even more.