2019 Talent

Sally Gatza

Bartender, L.A. Jackson

A seasoned bartender, Sally has been with the L.A. Jackson team since its opening in 2016. She was first drawn to the Nashville bar scene when, dining at Husk at the age of 19, she watched a perfectly executed Ramos Gin Fizz hit the table next to hers. While many at that age are interested in trying to get a drink, Sally was most fascinated by how it was created. She began to look for a job in the bar industry, and was eventually hired on by Strategic Hospitality, where she learned how to bartend. The team was, “Some of the most knowledgeable, intimidating, wonderful people I’ve met in this industry,” giving her a foundation for a career she loves to this day. She’s passionate about creating approachable, memorable guest experiences like the one that first ignited her passion for hospitality, while also making twenty-three vodka-soda-splash-crans at once.