Nikhil Abuvala

Chef/Owner, Roux 30a

Nikhil Abuvala is the Chef/Owner of Roux 30a. Growing up with an appreciation for food passed down from generations of cooks and chefs, Nikhil started his culinary career at the early age of 13. Diving into a wide spectrum of cuisines, from Sushi, to Creole, Indian to Mediterranean, Nikhil found his home under the care of Dean James Max, and the modern American palate.

Driven by Max and his chefs de cuisines Paula D’aSilva and Jeremy Ford, Nikhil developed an understanding of what food is really about. Nikhil hopes to create a symbiotic relationship between local farmers, fisherman, and the community of South Walton. Roux30a is poised to introduce a modern and original perspective of dining to Santa Rosa beach.

“My love of cooking has been with me as early as I can remember, standing in a chair rolling out fresh indian flatbreads with my grandmother on a counter too tall for me to reach otherwise. The way she moved about the kitchen, like a general of an army commanding spices and herbs sparked a passion for food in me that is unmatched.