Matt Hyland

Owner and Executive Chef of Emily West Village and Emily Clinton Hill

Chef Matt Hyland and Emily Hyland are the duo behind Brooklyn neighborhood restaurants EMILY and EMMY SQUARED, and the newly opened West Village location of EMILY.  Chef Hyland was born in Brooklyn, where he adopted a lifestyle of eating pizza and dumplings that continues to this day. After college in Rhode Island, Matt moved back to New York armed with a computer science degree, a pizza-loving girl and a love for food. He enrolled at the Institute of Culinary Education and has been cooking ever since. At EMILY Clinton Hill, Chef Hyland offers Neopolitan-style pizzas with inventive toppings and the famous Emmy Burger, while EMMY SQUARED serves New York City’s first and only Detroit-style square pizzas. In the West Village, chef features EMILY pizza topping combos and favorites, such as their signature wings and a riff on the Emmy Burger, while making his foray into Detroit-Style Grandma pies.