2019 Talent

Laurence Faber

Pastry Chef of The Barn at Blackberry Farm®

Laurence Faber incorporates the best of seasonal harvests to create dishes that are complex in nature, and elegantly simple in presentation. From joining The Barn pastry team in 2013, to garde manger, to Sous Chef for the opening of the Dogwood in 2015, Laurence has honed his culinary skills under the chefs at Blackberry Farm. When he took his first role in the restaurant industry as a dishwasher, he was incentivized to finish dishes so he could work with the garde manger making salads and desserts.

His journey at Blackberry Farm came full circle when he was promoted to Pastry Chef of The Barn in 2018. Embracing the same farm-to-table philosophy as the savory menu, Laurence’s pastry philosophy aligns beautifully with Executive Chef Cassidee Dabney’s food style, creating a cohesive dining experience for guests of The Barn. Laurence enjoys the art of delivering a surprise on his plates, aiming to give diners a combination of flavors they won’t find anywhere else.