2019 Talent

Kristopher Akers

Executive Chef, Americano

Kristopher was originally hired as a Sous Chef at Americano when they first opened in 2015, advanced and was promoted to Executive Chef in December 2017.

Kristopher graduated from the Art Institute in Atlanta in 2011 and attended the Art Institute in Nashville as well.

After finishing his studies, he worked in several restaurants in Nashville and got his first break at the Boundry Restaurant as a sous chef. Then went on to become the executive chef at Noelle.

Chef Krikit’s, as everyone calls him, cooking style is innovative and simple, and explores modern variations of Mediterranean and Asian cuisine. He prefers fresh seasonal ingredients, which utilize fresh herbs and fresh fish

A homegrown chef from West Nashville that credits his love of cooking to his mom who taught him how to bake when he was 4 years old.