John Stephenson & Joey Molteni



John Stephenson started his Nashville restaurant career in 1991, when he worked at Nashville mainstay, Amerigo. His culinary viewpoint was honed when he worked at Corner Market for many years. As early adopters of using local produce & products, he was inspired. Today, you’ll find his love for vegetables and seasonal products puts them in starring roles on the plate.

Stephenson is best known for his time at Fido, where he ran the kitchen 12 years and built the popular coffee shop into a full restaurant with much desirable menu offerings & specials. Most recently, he was called to develop the menu at The Family Wash before leaving to concentrate on Hathorne.

Hathorne, Stephenson’s first restaurant, provides the setting that matches the food he’s always cooked. He cooks with ingredients he loves, and lets his travels and experience dictate the dish.

JOEY MOLTENI – Executive Chef

Joey Molteni is a Nashville native, like some majestic unicorn or something, and has been cooking since he was tall enough to reach the top of his grandmother’s kitchen table. With simplicity in mind, Joey has focussed over the years to style his food in a manner that allows each ingredient to introduce itself and be presented in an “off of the beaten path” way. His roots, anchored in fond memories of cooking, eating, and convening at the family table, also emphasize his love and respect for the origins of the food he creates. He stresses the importance of “community/family business” with personal ties to the sources of the raw ingredients used by the restaurant he calls home.

Though Joey is no stranger to opening new concepts, Hathorne is his first opportunity to use his culinary experiences as Executive Chef after spending years largely in Sous Chef positions. His influences from traveling and past work bring John Stephenson’s creativity and Hathorne’s menu to an accessible, innovative level with something for each guest who visits.