Eric Zizka

Executive Chef, Saltine Restaurant

Eric Zizka is the executive chef at Saltine Restaurant in Nashville. He also oversees the culinary teams of 4Top Hospitality restaurants in the Nashville area, including Char and Amerigo. Zizka started his culinary career in high school washing dishes in a relative’s restaurant. It didn’t take long for him to demonstrate he had the requisite skills to move from the sink to the stove. He was soon advancing, mastering every position in the restaurant while discovering he wanted a career as a chef.

A graduate of the Connecticut Culinary Institute and Central Connecticut State University, Zizka has held the executive chef position at several top Eastern Seaboard restaurants including Max’s Oyster Bar (Conn.) and Michael Jordan’s Steak House (Conn.). He also served as executive chef for seven years over all three Oak Steakhouse restaurants with locations in Nashville, Atlanta and Charleston. There, he was responsible for menu development and leading the culinary teams of these high-volume, fine dining establishments. With his extensive experience, Zizka was responsible for designing the Nashville and Atlanta kitchens of Oak Steakhouse during his tenure with those restaurants.

Zizka joined 4Top Hospitality in 2018 as a member of the culinary team at Char in Green Hills. Now as the executive chef at Saltine, he utilizes his extensive background to offer guests a menu with a wide array of fresh seafood, steak, meat and vegetarian options. In his words, “This menu demonstrates our commitment to give patrons appealing choices from both the land and the sea.” Zizka also develops the Saltine menus for private dining and all special event dinners.