2017 Talent

Debbie Sutton

Owner, 8 Lavender Lane

Chef Debbie Sutton has 30 plus years of cooking and restaurant management experience. Growing up in New York, she had the opportunity to experience a melting pot of cuisines. Food always played an important roll in her upbringing from having a father that has a passion for cooking, one Grandmother that is a self taught baker, another Grandmother from France that was a wonderful cook, and a Mother that embraced and shared her German heritage through family favorite recipes.

Debbie started her culinary career in the fast food circuit, quickly moving into a variety of management positions. In 1999 wanting to offer more, she and her Father chose to open their own café’ and catering business in White House, TN. Since then she has obtained a B.S. in Culinary Arts Management, is a Certified Executive Chef through The American Culinary Federation, and holds a Professional Training SAS Certificate through Provincia di Terni, Regione dell’Umbria.

She spent over 3 months studying under and working with Chef Lorenzo Polegri in Orvieto, Italy. Chef Polegri, being the most celebrated European chef at the James Beard House, was integral in insuring that the knowledge Chef Sutton brought back to the states would be relevant and could be easily incorporated into her own catering business.

Catering has allowed Debbie to live her dream, with her love for people and food, with creativity leading the way. Her unwavering dedication to each client is something to be noticed.