2019 Talent

Dani Veit

Pastry Chef, The Old School Farm to Table

Hailing from Miami, FL, Dani Veit entered the culinary world as an extension of creativity. Making a name for herself as an artist, she switched to a career that placed her right next to a mixer. Her first break was 9 years ago with Strategic Hospitality, hired on by then culinary director Jason Brumm, who, by the way, saw her at a deli and asked if she wanted a job not knowing skill level or interest in sugar. Dani’s home base was Merchants which taught her everything she needed to know about kitchen life. She branched out to other Strategic properties such as Le Sel & Pinewood Social. Dani is now the executive Pastry Chef at The Old School Farm to Table, where she utilizes only the freshest ingredients and works within the parameters nature sets.

For the past decade, she has tested the limits of her creativity in the form of pies, cookies, cakes and more. Her menus incorporate nontraditional flavor combinations and are constantly changing to honor the local agriculture of Nashville, TN. Dani has been celebrated amongst her peers and dessert enthusiasts alike.

In 2018, Dani has started experimenting with CBD baking and has found great success in this new culinary world. Her passion for helping others gets to shine!