2017 Talent

Chris Carter

Partner, Porter Road Butcher

Chris Carter is a local Nashvillian, raised in Hendersonville, TN. Chris made his entry into the restaurant world working as a bus boy during his high school years. After graduating from Hendersonville High he attended the University of Memphis and graduated with a major in hospitality management. He worked a couple of jobs in college, doing promotions for a radio station, and took positions in the restaurant industry as well, working as a server and banquet server at Coletta’s, and then as a bartender for two years, before deciding to attend culinary school.

Chris attended culinary school at Le Cordon Blue in Scottsdale, AZ, and chose to further his undergraduate education, majoring in culinary management. During his time in culinary school, Chris worked his first kitchen job as a sous chef at Dragon Fly Café in Scottsdale, but after a year and a half he decided to switch gears. He began working for two different Scottsdale spots, Atlas Bistro and Twisted Rose Winery and Eatery, which further opened his eyes to the culinary arts. After graduation he took a job at Flemings Steakhouse where he found himself mastering the art of grilling meats. In 2009 Chris moved back to Nashville and took a job at the Capitol Grille at The Hermitage Hotel, where he and James met. Chris controlled quality and took charge of the meat station there, serving wonderfully prepared grilled meats. Chris has always had a great appreciation for high quality ingredients and a passion for perfection in the kitchen. Chris now is ready to serve the Nashville people with great products and wonderful service.