Casey Carstens

Executive Chef, Americano

Originally born on a farm in Western Iowa, Casey Lane Carstens is a long time vet in the Nashville Culinary scene having worked in the city for over 13 years. He spent most of his formative years growing up right down the road in Clarksville, TN until moving to Nashville in 2006 at age 18 after stints in New York City and Savannah, Ga.

A self-proclaimed “reformed musician” Casey found his way in the food industry, cutting his teeth working for some of the most influential people in the city before eventually finding his passion for food and exchanging his dreams of rock n roll stardom for the glitz and glamour of the Kitchen.

Having dabbled in entrepreneurship as the owner of Busan Bop Food truck and the now shuttered Korean Fried Chicken Shack “The Birdhouse”, Casey is looking to turn heads after taking the reins at Americano- Freestyle Tapas with his take on “Freestyle Tapas”. His culinary influences are broad and extensive in global fare but his roots are firmly planted in Southern American and Korean cuisine. As the Son of a multi-generation farm family, he believes in working with local farms and sourcing the best seasonal ingredients whenever possible.