Andrew Wiseheart & Gabe Scott

Co-Founder/Chef & Co-Founder/General Manager, Ladybird Taco

Andrew Wiseheart, a native of San Angelo, Texas, is co-owner and chef at Contigo, Contigo Fareground and Last Straw in Austin. Wiseheart is also an owner of Contigo Catering, which offers a hospitality experience and menus inspired by the Contigo restaurant. With experience in the kitchens of acclaimed restaurants in America and abroad, Wiseheart’s extensive travels have contributed to the authentic character showcased on the menus nightly at both restaurants. Wiseheart’s recent accolades include a 2018 father of the year award and was voted best chef in the world by his mother.

Gabe Scott, a twenty year resident of Nashville, Tennessee, spent the last two decades in the music industry. Scott has built his brand as a touring & session musician, record producer, and composer for the tv/film industry. His work can be heard on numerous albums, movies, tv shows and ads for major brands.  He also has an affinity for Texas, it’s residents and cuisine — so much so that he married a Texan. As a co-founder of Ladybird Taco in Nashville, he delights in breakfast tacos, homemade tortillas, and queso.