Aaron Clemins

Chef & Partner, Kuchnia + Keller

Aaron Clemins, a ten year veteran as the sous chef at City House, has stepped out to open his own concept, Kuchnia + Keller. This concept was born out of a love of his own personal Wisconsin heritage combined with his more recent passion for regional-style cooking that he gained working at City House.

Kuchnia + Keller, comes from the words “kitchen” in polish, and “cellar” in German. The name represents two of the Eastern European countries that have been the inspiration for the menu. The menu will focus on bringing the recipes and flavors from Eastern Europe and also honoring their influence in foods we are already familiar with here in the States.

Aaron is joined by a team of seasoned restaurant talent, including his wife Christen – Marketing Manager/Photographer, Buddy Buttram – Bar Manager (formerly from Bastion), Katie Fair – Pastry Chef (formerly of Prima), Juliet Ceballos – General Manager (formerly of Leon’s, GA, City House), Erica Gluck – Hospitality Manager (formerly City House) and beer program partnership with Matt Leff (Rhizome Productions). He is also reuniting with long-time friend Mark Shelton (also previously from City House) who he is bringing with him as his sous chef to Kuchnia + Keller.