Introducing Our 2017 Craft Beer Lineup!

If there’s one thing we love at Music City Food + Wine Festival, it’s tasting something new + creative – so we knew we had to further explore the world of craft beer. That’s why we’re so excited to announce our 2017 Craft Beer Lineup – read on to learn about all the incredible breweries that you can sample at Music City Food + Wine Festival! And don’t forget to grab your tickets now.

Bell’s Brewery – Their journey began with a 15-gallon soup kettle, a quest for better beer and countless batches of homebrew. Bell’s is passionate about their fiercely independent, 100% family owned, community-rooted, and eco-friendly brews. Check out their brews here.

Devil’s Backbone – Taking inspiration from the classic brewing traditions of Germany, England, and Belgium, Devil’s Backbone loves to utilize traditional ingredients and processes for classically inspired beers, as well as unconventional techniques and ingredients for more eclectic brews. Check out their brews here.

Grayton Beer – From Grayton’s perfect beach beer blonde ale to their coastal interpretation of a German style, you’ll feel like you’re relaxing in the sand no matter where you’re having a drink. It’s a way of life; from grain to glass, by way of the gulf. Check out their brews here.

Hap & Harry’s Tennessee Beer – Hap & Harry’s story begins with Hap Motlow, of the legendary Jack Daniel family, and his friend Harry Lipman. Hap & Harry’s crisp, full-bodied beers revisit the time in America when the freshest beer came from local breweries, and are free of preservatives and adjuncts. Check out their brews here.

Jackalope Brewing Company – A Nashville original, Jackalope is a craft brewery that values being an active member of the community and putting out delicious, creative beers. They offer seasonal beers, as well as taproom-exclusive small batch program, as well as a barrel-aged program, that aims to keep their brewers on their toes and your taste buds intrigued! Check out their brews here.

Mantra Artisan Ales – Franklin, TN’s Mantra was founded by brewers Derrick Morse and Chad Frost after Derrick, out of Boulder, Colorado had spent a few years as a brewmaster of a brewpub. It was there he began creating a complex array of intricate beers, earning him the nickname of “mad scientist,” while Chad was studying up in a a professional brewing program in Berlin, Germany. Joining forces with Chef Maneet Chauhan, the Mantra team creates premium, worldly-inspired artisan beers. Check out their brews here.

Napa Smith Brewery – Located in California’s Bay Area, Napa Smith upholds the classic beer style that gave American craft beer its start. Inspired by generations of experience, Napa Smith is surrounded by the influential culture and uncompromised quality of the greatest wineries in the world. Napa Smith beers uphold the same standard; balanced recipes made from the best ingredients. Check out their brews here.

Radeberger – Since 1872, Radeberger Pilsner has been brewed in the same German city for absolute consistency and quality around the world. Using the perfect combination of water, hops and barley (nothing more, nothing less), Radeberger has an emphatic hop flavor and full-bodied texture. Check out their brews here.

Schofferhofer – Schofferhofer is the world’s first Hefeweizen (wheat beer) grapefruit beer. Best served cold, it’s the perfect casual brew to cool you off during the summer, but it can be enjoyed all year round. It’s a true 50/50 blend of Schofferhofer Hefeweizen blended with carbonated juice of 100% natural ingredients. Check out their brews here.

Starr Hill – Starr Hill Brewery was founded in Charlottesville, VA out of a passion for great beer and live music. Among the most award-winning craft breweries on the East Coast, Starr Hill has won 22 Great American Beer Festival, World Beer Cup and Great British Beer Festival medals. Starr Hill beer is distributed throughout the Mid-Atlantic and Southeastern regions. Check out their brews here.

Tennessee Brew Works – Tennessee Brew Works creates finely tuned craft beer, capturing the essence of the land and culture in all of their brews. They strive to create their brews as efficiently as possible, minimizing waste and raw material utilization in their brew processes. By utilizing Tennessee’s agricultural ingredients whenever possible, they bring you great craft beer rooted in the community. Check out their brews here.

Yeehaw Brewing Co. – Yeehaw makes beers that celebrate good times and good company. Yeehaw provides a mix of the finest ales and lagers, including their World Beer Cup award-winning Dunkel. Their beer is bold and flavorful, but easy to drink. Our year round Pilsner, Pale Ale, Eighty shilling Scottish Ale and Dunkel dark lager are here to be your go-to staples, while their diverse seasonals give you a chance to try something exciting and new. Check out their brews here.

2nd Shift Brewery – Brewing up beers with character, 2nd Shift Brewery take a lot of stuff to make a little beer so they can go big on flavor and aroma with each batch. With 9 year round beers, 18 limited beers, and 4 seasonal beers, they’ve got plenty of options for even the most discerning palate. Check out their brews here.

This article was posted on August 6, 2017