Weekly Dish: Travis McShane

One of our favorite parts of MCFW is getting up close and personal with our favorite Chefs. We’re kicking that off a little early this year; introducing our Weekly Dish, a column where we dig in with MCFW Chefs. This week Travis McShane, Chef/Partner of Adele’s, took a break from making dinner for Taylor Swift to chat with us.


Why did you choose Nashville to work and live in? What’s your favorite part of the Nashville culinary scene?
Jonathan Waxman asked me to come down and be his partner and chef at Adele’s. When I came down to visit, I couldn’t get over the fact how pretty the city was, how fun and nice the people were & how much there is to do. Now that I’m down here, it’s awesome being part of a very young food scene that’s ready to explode.

What are you favorite and least favorite food trends?
My favorite is the focus of chefs shifting away from organic, and focusing on regional and local farms more. My least favorite is sous vide.

What’s the best meal you’ve ever had?
A simple meal in Bologna. Good wine, lasagna, bolognese, shave artichoke salad.

What are you most excited about doing / seeing / tasting at MCFW?
Getting time to hang out with all the chefs and the guys from Kings of Leon. But also seeing how excited everyone is to be there. It’s an awesome weekend!