Weekly Dish: Sarah Gavigan

Today’s edition of Weekly Dish features Sarah Gavigan, Owner/Chef at Little Octopus, Otaku Ramen, and Pop Nashville. From her long career in film production to her current status as Nashville’s Ramen Queen, Sarah has seen it all, and we were excited to learn about her thoughts on food trends, her influences, and more.


Are there any spices or ingredients that you think are underrated?
Shio Koji from Japan. It is fermented salt and a portion of the process comes from Sake houses. Its magical.

What are you favorite and least favorite food trends?
Fave: delicious food that is good for you. Unfave: one food masking as another.

Why did you choose Nashville to work and live in? What’s your favorite part of the Nashville culinary scene?
I am born and raised here, my culinary career happened after I moved back. We chose Nashville to be close to family. My favorite part of the culinary scene is the growing interest in the international cultures and food we live side by side with in Nashville such as the Kurdish and Somali cultures. I look forward to more eateries from these neighborhoods.

Are there any chefs that have had a big influence on you?
Nancy Silverton is a Chef I looked up to even before I was a Chef. I would love to pick her brain for knowledge on how to build an incredible business. I was a regular at La Brea Bakery many moon ago. Ivan Orkin (Ivan Ramen) and Yuji Haraguchi (Okonomi) are both incredible Chefs that I have learned from and continue to lean on for advice.

What are you most excited about doing / seeing / tasting at MCFW?
Seeing if Ludo is gutsy enough to serve his fried chicken in Nashville.