Weekly Dish: Kyle Patterson

Although Kyle is a Chicago native, he left the Windy City behind to join the Sinema team. He worked his way up from Sous Chef and is now the Executive Chef, bringing his expertise and creative flourish to the menu. This week, we’re chatting with him about Guacamole, Goulash, and more…

kyle patterson

What are you favorite and least favorite food trends?
My favorite fad at the moment is chlorophyll extract, it’s really cool to see what other chefs are doing with it. My least favorite trend has and will continue to be sous vide eggs. They are just gross.

What’s the first thing you ever cooked?
My first food memory is helping my grandmother make Goulash. I remember just standing at the stove and helping stir and thinking it was the coolest thing in the world.

Why did you choose Nashville to work and live in? What’s your favorite part of the Nashville culinary scene?
My favorite part of Nashville is just the overall vibe right now. Its food scene is still so young and there are so many new restaurants opening; it is really exciting to be a part of that.

Are there any spices or ingredients that you think are underrated?
Confit Garlic: it’s a workhorse in my kitchen and it’s so versatile and rarely used.

What’s your favorite easy dish or cocktail to make?
Guacamole is my favorite easy thing to whip together, I keep it simple and it’s always a crowd pleaser.

What are you most excited about doing / seeing / tasting at MCFW?
Ha ha I’m most excited to eat everything. Plus having a horde of talented chefs and cooks descend onto one place always leads to a really good time.