Weekly Dish: Andrew Little

Seasonal and spontaneous, Andrew Little’s ground-to-gourmet plates create a visceral experience, always meant to tell a story behind the meal. As the Chef at Josephine, he brings a fresh perspective to cooking, always seeking to use every part, and extract the fullest flavors.


What’s the first thing you ever cooked? Grilled cheese and canned tomato soup.

What is your favorite food trend? Chefs connecting with their roots and resurrecting traditional food ways.

What’s your favorite part of the Nashville culinary scene? Nashville has a dynamic and creative restaurant/chef scene. Everyone is in it together and there is such a great sense of camaraderie.

Are there any spices or ingredients that you think are underrated? Old Bay.

What music have you been listening to lately? Howard Tate, Susto, Chris Stapleton.

What are you most excited about doing / seeing / tasting at MCFW? I’m most excited about seeing, tasting and listening to the ideas and concepts that the local Nashville chefs bring to the table.