The Dish: Tim Love

You already know your favorite chefs by the foods they prepare and the restaurants they’ve created. Now, get to know a different side of these culinary masterminds in our weekly The Dish feature. From behind-the-scenes kitchen talk to culinary soundtracks and Nashville recommendations, we’re bringing you the dish – straight from the pros.

Last week we got the scoop from Chef Ashley Christensen, and today we hear from the King of Grilling himself, Chef Tim Love.

Image Courtesy dallasnews | Kye R. Lee

Favorite post-shift meal/late-night snack?

I love spicy, crispy foods after a shift cooking my ass off. Like fried chicken or spicy soft shell crab tacos!

Go-to cooking soundtrack?

I listen to a lot of hard rock when in my commercial kitchens, like 311, Primus, or Fishbone. Lots of old school rock, too, like Van Halen or old Pearl Jam!

Which words or phrase do you most overuse in the kitchen?

I bet I say “on the fly” 200 times a night. However, “balance” is a word you cannot say enough!

Most underrated/overrated ingredient?

Most overrated ingredient has got to be uni. And the most underrated has to be the humble carrot.

Favorite Nashville spot?

I love Robert’s. I am a sucker for a good honky tonk, simple drinks, cold-ass beer and a spectacular fried bologna sandy!

Don’t miss Chef Tim Love’s demo – ‘The Art of Burning Food’ – at 1:15PM on Saturday, 9/20.