The Dish: Mike Lata

You already know your favorite chefs by the foods they prepare and the restaurants they’ve created. Now, get to know a different side of these culinary masterminds in our new weekly The Dish feature. From behind-the-scenes kitchen talk to culinary soundtracks and Nashville recommendations, we’re bringing you the dish – straight from the pros.

Last week we caught up with Chef Jonathan Waxman, and this time around we check in with Charleston’s Chef Mike Lata.

Courtesy Charleston City Paper | Jonathan Boncek

Favorite post-shift meal/late-night snack?

A fried egg sandwich on toasted bread, and if I have it in the fridge, my preferred cheese is Gruyere or American 

Go-to cooking soundtrack?

Otis Redding. He just sets you in the mood.

Which words or phrase do you most overuse in the kitchen?

A.T.Dub (all the way) or #BAM

Most underrated/overrated ingredient?

Temperature is seriously underrated… people don’t think about it enough. And white truffle oil is not just overrated, it’s embarrassing. 

Favorite Nashville spot?

City House … I love that restaurant and Tandy is a great guy.  

Join us at the Festival to see Chef Mike Lata in action during his ‘Aw, Shucks’ demo at 1:15PM on Saturday, 9/20.