The Dish: Andrew Zimmern

You already know your favorite chefs by the foods they prepare and the restaurants they’ve created. Now, get to know a different side of these culinary masterminds in our weekly The Dish feature. From behind-the-scenes kitchen talk to culinary soundtracks and Nashville recommendations, we’re bringing you the dish – straight from the pros.

Last week we checked in with Husk’s Chef Sean Brock, and today we get the scoop from Chef Andrew Zimmern.

Image Courtesy Star Tribune | Bret Hartman

Favorite post-shift meal/late-night snack?

1. Leftover cold Chinese food
2. Scrambled eggs
3. Toast with cold butter and anchovies
4. Raisin Bran

Go-to cooking soundtrack?

Anything Alt-Country when I am cooking weekday dinners. CSNY for late night. Italian opera on cold snowy winter Sundays in MN. Dandy Warhols are great… And I made a Spotify playlist (for cross-country road trips) that works great too!

Which words or phrase do you most overuse in the kitchen?

I wish I could erase the word AMAZING from my mind.

Most underrated/overrated ingredient?

Underratedcelery. It’s phenomenal. Baby celery leaves/tips are a go-to ingredient for me in everything from salads to spicy Sichuan dishes.
Overratedkalamata olives ruin more dishes than almost any food I can think of off the top of my head.

Favorite Nashville spot?

Husk is pretty unstoppable when it comes to kicking a** in every sense of the word. I love Catbird, City House, Pinewood Social, Otaku South, Hattie B’s and Prince’s of course, Arnold’s… There are so many

You can catch Chef Andrew Zimmern at Harvest Night on Saturday, 9/20 and at his “Globally Hot Chicken” demo on Sunday, 9/21!