Nashville’s Best Biscuits

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Earlier this week, Erin Wilburn of Erin’s Food Files told us the Biscuit Eating Basics and now she has the scoop on where to find the best biscuits all around Nashville!

I’m back, with more biscuit talk! In my last post I discussed some of my favorite ways to consume biscuits at home. Now I’d like to discuss the ways some local Nashville spots are using biscuits to create unique dishes.

Biscuit Love Truck

photo courtesy Biscuit Love Truck

First and foremost is a Nashville food truck devoted solely to biscuits. When Biscuit Love Truck came onto the scene, it quickly earned a spot on my list of Top 3 Nashville Food Trucks. Owners Karl Worley & his wife Sarah especially won my heart with their amazing sweet biscuit sandwich, “The Gertie.” Named after their daughter, “The Gertie” features one of their fluffy signature biscuits layered with caramelized banana jam, house-ground peanut butter with pretzel crunch and Olive Sinclair Chocolate Gravy. It may be one of my favorite things on the planet. Each ingredient is amazing on its own, but when you combine them, it’s perfection.

Lest you think they only do sweet offerings, you might want to check out their menu to learn more about “The East Nasty” & “The Princess” which include fried chicken or Nashville hot chicken. I make no promises, but if you get to know them well enough, you may be able to talk them into making you a combo “Nasty Princess.” Like a lot of food trucks, they vary their menu throughout the year, and their seasonal offerings are always something I look forward to. Karl is one of the chefs you’ll see at the Music City Food + Wine Fest this year, and I am excited to see what he’ll be serving up!

BLT’s Gertie | photo courtesy Beth Sachan

Smoke Et Al

While on the subject of food trucks, we come to another one on my list of Top 3 Trucks, Smoke Et Al. Smoke Et Al first drew me in when I heard they were serving Fried Pickled Okra with Alabama White Sauce. I like fried okra and I like pickled okra, so I knew I needed to try this truck! Their Fiddler’s Biscuits were the very first things I ever ordered from there, and they continue to be one of my favorites on the menu.

Their biscuit is a sour cream sage biscuit, and I think the difference in flavor from the sour cream is noticeable in its fluffiness. It’s a great twist on the typical biscuit, and it’s topped with shredded smoked chicken, wildflower honey, and green onions. Although they’re technically sliders size, they’re definitely not “mini,” so it’s great to share with a friend if you want to sample different trucks’ offerings. Or you could just eat both and feel fully satisfied!

Dose Coffee Shop

Another herbed biscuit I truly adore is found at one of Nashville’s stellar coffee shops. When it comes to coffee shops, I can’t use the word favorite, because my list exceeds 5 spots. Each coffee shop gives me a different reason to visit. In the case of Dose I go for the Ginger Latte and the Rosemary Parmesan Biscuit Sandwich.

While I typically love a more classic biscuit, the sum of this cheesy biscuit’s parts – rosemary parmesan biscuit, egg, ham, remoulade sauce – makes for a perfect dish. You can’t go wrong with this for breakfast!


The last, but certainly not least, biscuit I’ll mention is the one I had on my most recent visit to Husk. Husk originated in Charleston as the brainchild of another Music City Food + Wine chef, Sean Brock. Husk Nashville opened in the summer of 2013 and certainly lived up to its hype. I love the mantra Brock has for Husk: “If it ain’t Southern, it ain’t walkin’ in the door.” The moment you step foot into Husk’s renovated late 1800’s house, you’re greeted by the restaurant’s list of local suppliers for their meat, vegetables, cheese, etc.

I can’t promise that what I sampled in early July will still be a part of their ever-changing menu in a month, but I can promise that you’ll find delicious food! Husk Nashville often (but not always) has a biscuit offering at some point during the week. I went for lunch and had their Pork Chop Biscuit Sandwich with smoked Duke’s mayonnaise, red onion and white cheddar, served with fried potato wedges. This sandwich was, like other items I have mentioned, truly a masterful dish.

I’m not typically a fan of red onion, and have never put mayonnaise on a pork chop or a biscuit, but with Husk I know to trust the menu. The black pepper biscuit was huge, flaky and amazing. It was what dreams are made of, especially if you’re a five-month pregnant lady writing two back-to-back posts about biscuits, which I happened to be. If you go for brunch you’re likely to see this biscuit offered with sausage gravy, or perhaps country ham, mustard & pickles, maybe even another variety of pork chop sandwich.

To close, I have to say that these are not the only biscuit offerings you’ll find in Nashville. I wanted to highlight biscuit dishes in town that are a step beyond your typical pairing. There are a ton of restaurants that serve great biscuits and amazing biscuit sandwiches. Believe me, I’ve tried a lot, and still have more to try. If you come to Nashville, I hope you discover great biscuits, and I hope I’ve inspired you to try something out of the box. Life is better lived with biscuits!

Erin is a full-time food lover, part-time food blogger. When she’s not working as a television video editor, she chasing after her exuberant toddler. When she finds the time, she enjoys cooking with local, seasonal produce, or baking treats to share. Married to a craft beer nerd, she enjoys seeking out unique local eats and great drinks with her husband. Erin can’t live without good coffee, and will never go paleo.