Top Picks: Whiskey, Bourbons & More

Still looking for a last minute gift for that special man in your life? Well, there is always one option that never fails to impress: fine liquor. In a recent article, local wine and spirits writer Chris Chamberlain helps you find that perfect bottle of scotch to sip on, so we decided to ask him for a few more of his favorite spirits.

So, instead of sticking with your usual go-to brand of scotch, whiskey, or bourbon, take the advice of our experts and try a new timeless classic!

Chris Chamberlain of Nashville Scene’s Bites Blog

Top Picks

On the Scotch side, I’m a big fan of The Balvenie Caribbean Cask. Not only do I enjoy the extra vanilla and fruity notes added by the fact that this already excellent scotch is finished in rum casks, but the fact that the distillers actually make extra money by selling the rum that they use to season the casks is brilliant and deserves to be recognized with my gift-giving dollars.

I guess I currently have a thing for rum cask-finished whiskeys, but I think that the new rye from Angel’s Envy is remarkable. Even though it is a 95% rye mash bill, the smoothness imparted by the rum barrels eliminates any of the harsh burn in the back of the throat often associated with rye whiskey. The resulting spirit reminds me a little bit of ginger bread and is best enjoyed neat.

The gift I enjoy giving the most is a 1.75 liter bottle of Eagle Rare 10-year old Single Barrel Whiskey. Not only is it an excellent whiskey at a price that isn’t too premium, but that 2 1/2 foot tall bottle is a lot more impressive looming over the gift table at a wedding or party than your average handle of brown liquor.

Chris Chamberlain, also known as “The Wandering Wino,” is a writer for the Nashville Scene, and many others. Basically, he’s an expert on all things food, wine and spirits.

Beth Sachan of Eat.Drink.Smile

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Top Picks

Traditional Dad: Four Roses Small Batch

Some dads don’t like to waiver much from their tried and trues, and there is certainly nothing wrong with that. Classics are classic for a reason. Is that your dad? Then give him a bottle of Four Roses Small Batch.  One of America’s favorite bourbons, Four Roses has been around since 1884.

Adventurous Dad: Corsair Triple Smoke

Does your dad fall into the thrill-seeker category? He’s the guy that will try anything once and is always up for a new adventure? Well then, you must give him a truly unique spirit like Corsair Triple Smoke, a whiskey that definitely pushes the boundaries of the norm.

Sweet Tooth Dad: Prichard’s Sweet Lucy Cream Liqueur

For the dad with a seemingly insatiable sweet tooth, venture beyond the chocolates and cookies this year and give him a drinkable dessert. Prichard’s Sweet Lucy Cream Liqueur, made with their Sweet Lucy bourbon, is the perfect finish to Father’s Day brunch or lunch.

Beth Sachan is a Nashville local and a lover of food and wine! Her blog Eat.Drink.Smile documents her foodie adventures and shares with her readers tips on food, wine and restaurants in the Nashville area.