Top Nashville Coffee Shops: Part 2

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Erin Wilburn of Erin’s Food Files

In my previous roundup, I discussed Nashville coffee shops Crema, Barista Parlor, Dose, and Eighth and Roast. While those are all great “coffee-first” coffee houses, I have a few other favorites that offer exceptional coffee, but are as equally focused on food. I think of them as go-to “Coffee and…” spots.

Frothy Monkey

Frothy Monkey, located in the fun & funky 12th South area of Nashville is a true neighborhood gem. We love coming here for the incredibly friendly service, delicious coffee, family-friendly atmosphere and the truly great food. It’s a solid choice for breakfast, lunch, dinner — or just a coffee. Breakfast is served until 5pm and has everything from waffles to pancakes and omelets.

Lighter options like sandwiches and salads are served all day. I’m personally a huge fan of the “Randy” (a unique tuna salad sandwich with pepperoncinis) and the “Ida” (a pimento cheese sandwich). Their dinner menu boasts everything from burgers, pasta and roast chicken to a few savory breakfast-for-dinner options. I love ordering from their nightly specials menu.  

Fun fact? Frothy Monkey is BYOB! My husband is a craft beer nerd, and loves that he can bring his own beer for dinner. Frothy Monkey also has a Franklin location, offering much of the same food options; as well as a location inside the record shop/bookstore/coffeeshop Grimey’s Too.

Red Bicycle Coffee & Crepes

Red Bicycle Coffee & Crepes is a new spot within walking distance of my house. I have been dying for a crepes place to open up in my neighborhood, so I was thrilled to discover they also have a definite coffee shop vibe. All of their sweet, savory and breakfast crepes are available at any time. The crepes are quite large, and they don’t scrimp on fillings! 

As much as I love their crepes, I’m very much addicted to their Macaroon Latte – a treat of a drink with white chocolate, hazelnut, and coconut syrups. They also offer a great selection of whole beans for purchase, and rotate their selections.

The staff is super friendly, and the atmosphere is inviting and fun. Mondays are open mic nights, so you can listen to talented local artists as you enjoy your meal. This is a great place to sit on your laptop and get some work done, meet a friend for a coffee or grab a bite to eat.


Fido, a wildly popular cafe, is housed in a former pet shop and located in Hillsboro Village. It is a part of the Bongo Java roasting company & coffee shops, and while Bongo Java locations have some drinks in common with Fido, each location has a few options that you can only get at that location. Their regionally sourced, organic beans are well-loved all across Nashville, and I’m a huge fan of their wildly inventive drink menu.

Last fall when everyone was going crazy over a certain national chain’s pumpkin spice latte, I was falling in love with the Tap Root, which featured carrot, ginger root, spice, espresso and milk. Or the Woodhouse, with apple butter, honey, rosemary, nutmeg, espresso and milk. I’m always blown away by Fido’s amazingly creative seasonal drinks. I’ll be the first to admit, Fido is one of the reasons I’ve become a bit of a coffee snob.

Besides the amazing coffee, Fido boasts all-day breakfast options like bagel sandwiches, pancakes, egg scrambles, Huevos Cubanos and Heuvos Rancheros. In addition, their sandwiches and entrees are some of the best in town. In fact, my husband’s favorite burger in Nashville is at Fido. It has ground beef and lamb, Tennessee cheddar, caramelized fennel, fig aioli, fried onion, pickle and lettuce.  And that’s coming from a man who normally eats his burgers plain with cheese! I’m partial to the Green Chile Mac & Cheese if I plan on an indulgent dish. Another Fido perk? They also serve wine & beer!

Provence Breads & Cafe

Provence Provence Breads & Café – also located in Hillsboro Village – is a French café & bakery that specializes in artisan breads & baked goods. We love to pick up a loaf of bread or grab some homemade buns to help take our burgers to the next level. But I also love their coffee. No surprise considering they serve Intelligentsia. Their lattes & cappuccinos are always spot-on. I prefer the Honey Bee or the Vandy Girl (a skinny vanilla latte), and their iced honey lavender tea in the summer. It’s such a unique, delicious, refreshing drink!

They have numerous salad and sandwich options, plus lots of local products, including delicious goat cheese. Their soups are always full of flavor, and it was at Provence where I had a curried cauliflower soup that I was so enamored with, I recreated it that very weekend.

The Hillsboro Village location offers made-to-order foods, and is a great place to go for breakfast. Might I recommend the croissant breakfast sandwich? The atmosphere is casual & relaxed, and is a favorite spot amongst locals. It’s across the street from a very touristy breakfast spot and I can’t help but get a good chuckle at the people lined up to eat there, when I know the breakfast I’m enjoying is much better with a fraction of the wait! Another great thing about Provence is their Happy Hour special. You can get a beverage and a slice of one of their amazing cakes for $4. When I was pregnant, this was the Happy Hour I frequented…it makes for the perfect afternoon treat!

A few honorable mentions worth noting include Dunn Bros., located downtown, a national chain, but locally owned by some great people. They have some of the BEST iced coffee in town, and they sell it in refillable growlers! I also love to visit The Trailer Perk, a coffee food truck, whenever I find them in my part of town. Being born and raised in Kentucky, I just had to try their Kentucky Bourbon Pecan Pie Latte. I loved the whiff of bourbon I got upon first sip! And Coffee,Lunch. is a coffee shop I have often drooled over, but only visited a few times due to the fact they are only open M-F. Were they open on the weekends (when I do most of my coffee shop visiting) I would stop by more often!

Erin is a full-time food lover, part-time food blogger. Her days are spent as a television video editor; while her mornings and evenings are spent chasing a toddler. When she finds the time, she enjoys cooking with local, seasonal produce, or baking treats to share. Married to a craft beer nerd, she enjoys seeking out unique eats and great drinks with her husband. She can’t live without good coffee.