The Music City Eats Story with Jonathan Waxman

Along with Caleb and Nathan Followill of the Grammy award-winning Kings of Leon, Chef Jonathan Waxman is launching the Festival in a city that he loves… but don’t take our word for it, check out what he has to say about the origins of this food-filled and music-inspired Festival, then check out our exclusive conversation with the renowned chef himself!

“Nashville, long admired for its music and hospitality, has had an enormous explosion of culinary talent in recent years…We are inviting some truly amazing chefs from around the country, and most importantly the best chefs and restaurants in Nashville. Of course there will be plenty of wine, booze, beer and food, but we are not neglecting the music. I am extremely excited by our shindig, the Kings and I can’t wait until September rolls around.”

Jonathan Waxman & Music City Eats