Nashville’s Best Brunch Spots

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Just in time for the weekend, Beth Sachan of Eat.Drink.Smile shares her go-to brunch locales around the city. Whether you’re looking for a traditional fix or something with a twist, check out her list and you just might find a new favorite!


1812 21st Ave S
Nashville, TN 37212
(615) 777-3436
Monday-Sunday: 7am – 11pm

Upon entry to Fido, you’re immediately hit with the delicious aroma of locally roasted Bongo Java coffee, a boisterous ambiance, and the feeling that you’ve stumbled on something truly special. While coffee is the heart of the operation, the food is the soul.

This Hillsboro Village gem serves their breakfast menu all day long, every day, seven days a week, so you don’t have to worry how late you sleep in. The menu options are extensive – egg scrambles, tortas, pancakes, bagel sandwiches, huevos rancheros & cubanos, just to name a few.

Be sure to check out the Daily Specials chalkboard that looms above the front counter as well, because in my opinion, that’s where magic happens. A couple of delicious customer favorites that show up quite often on the board are the Sweet Potato French Toast and the Grilled Salmon on Cheese Grits.

Of course, you can never go wrong with Fido’s Local Burger, a mixture of ground beef and lamb, topped with cheddar, caramelized fennel, fig aioli, fried onion, pickle and lettuce. Considered the best burger in town by many, it actually got its start on the specials board, but has now been added to the permanent menu. Now it can be ordered any time one’s heart desires, and that’s a very good thing!

The Stone Fox

712 51st Ave N
Nashville, TN 37209
(615) 953-1811
Saturday & Sunday: 11am – 3pm (brunch)

The Stone Fox is a relative newcomer on the Nashville dining scene. And actually, it’s not just a dining and drinking establishment – it’s also an awesome live music venue.

This little West Nashville establishment was started by the creative brother and sister team William (a full time musician) and Elise Tyler (founder of Halcyon Bike Shop and film producer). Their goal was to create a homey gathering space for friends and neighbors, and they’ve done just that. The funky decor of retro tables, mismatched dining chairs, velvet paintings, gold tinsel, and garlands of twinkle lights sets a playful tone and immediately puts one at ease.

While most music venues in town don’t put a lot of focus on their food, that’s certainly not the case at The Stone Fox. Here they utilize as many local ingredients as possible, and just one glance at the menu lets you know the dishes have been well thought out. It’s also nice to see that there is a good balance between healthy and not-so-healthy breakfast dishes.

From fried chicken and waffles to the King Rabbit – a sautéed hash of seasonal vegetables, kale, sweet potatoes, onions and jalapenos – the regular menu boasts interesting options for the carnivore and vegetarian alike.

Marché Artisan Foods

1000 Main Street
Nashville, TN 37206
Saturday Brunch: 8am – 4pm
Sunday Brunch: 9am – 4pm
Breakfast available Tuesday–Friday, 8am – 11am

Marché, the open, airy café in East Nashville is one of my favorite spots to linger over a lovely brunch with a few friends on a relaxed Saturday or Sunday morning. Be warned – the wait can sometimes be a little long, but never fear; there are plenty of interesting libations to sip while you wait. Order up a cucumber sake Blood Mary or blood orange mimosa and time will at least seem to pass by more quickly!

With an ever-changing menu based on what is currently in season, it can be hard to choose. Bacon & grits? Steak & eggs? Salmon crepes? Summer vegetable couscous? The one certainty is the cheese plate to start!

Mad Donna’s

Captain’s French Toast
1313 Woodland Street
Nashville, TN 37206
(615) 226-1617
Saturday & Sunday: 10am – 3pm (brunch)

With a build-your-own Bloody Mary bar and some truly decadent menu options, Mad Donna’s is a great place to nurse a hangover. Oh, and there’s also the 2 for 1 mimosa deal. A little hair of the dog helps, you know.

When I mention decadent foods, I’m talking things like the Breakfast Flatbread, a flatbread topped with eggs, cheese and sausage, then smothered in gravy. Or if something sweet is more your style, you’ve gotta go for the Captain’s French Toast – twice dipped Provence Tuscan bread, crusted w/ Cap‘n Crunch, drizzled with maple syrup & fresh berries served with bacon. Yes, please!


Nooner Omelet | White Trash Hash
1904 Broadway
Nashville, TN 37203
(615) 320-8580
Saturday & Sunday: 10am – 3pm (brunch)

Part of the highly successful M Street group of restaurants, Tavern has one of the most unique and popular brunches in town. One might say that the large, open patio spaces bring in the crowds. And while that is certainly a perk of the establishment, I know that I go there for the food.

Some of my favorite dishes can’t be found anywhere else in town (at least that I’m aware of): the Singapore Stir Fry – a mixture of short-grain rice, eggs, bacon, scallions, and sweet & spicy soy- and the Kaya Toast – warm coconut jam on Texas toast with a fried egg and sweet soy. Even though those dishes lean Asian, that’s definitely not the case with the entire menu. There’s Huevos Rancheros, Red Velvet Waffles, a benedict with short ribs, omelets with oysters, and last but certainly not least, the sinful mess that is called White Trash Hash.

Beth Sachan is a self-confessed, food and drink obsessed, small–town raised, Southern girl who has called Music City home for the last 10 years. Her days are covered in chocolate as she serves as the Director of Marketing for Nashville’s very own Goo Goo Cluster candy. In her spare time, when she’s not chasing her toddler around, she can often be spotted shopping at the local farmers’ markets, munching at the newest restaurant and sipping a cocktail at the coolest bar. You can follow her eating and drinking adventures at Eat. Drink. Smile.