City House’s Favorite Thanksgiving Wines

Trying to decide which wines to pair with this week’s holiday feast? Get the tips from acclaimed local restaurant, City House.


Velenosi, Lacrima di Morro

This is our long time sleeper hit and staff Thanksgiving favorite. It surprises you with a robust bouquet of blueberry and bramble, yet drinks with a nice balance of acid and soft tannins. A great red selection for delicate poultry and baking spices found in most any Thanksgiving spread. It’s a great value on our list and can be found at Woodland Wine Merchant.

Garafoli Brut Rose, Montepulciano

Courtesy of Huffington Post

This is a lush sparkling rose from our Garofoli friends in Le Marche. It spends 2 years sur lies giving it great structure and complexity, while pulling through the spice and dark fruit sweetness of the Montepulciano grape. Great from beginning to end of any meal! This is new to our market and in very limited supply.

Suggestions courtesy of City House‚Äôs Juliet Ceballos